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    New Product: Digital Camo Cargo NationKilt and Digital Camo Mini NationKilt

    The Cargo NationKilt has fully gusseted pockets that are both sewn and riveted to the kilt.  They are big and strong enough to hold two or more bottles of bee…rrr… beverage of your choice.

    This Digital Camo kilt is made from rip-stop fabric.  It is lighter, hold’s pleats well, and looks great.

    NationKilts are worn a little higher than your pants.  But where it finally sits will be dependent on each individuals preference.  It is designed to be worn at the level of your belly-button.  However, if you are man of girth…. then perhaps it will be more comfortable a little lower.  Keep this in mind when measuring for length.

    These kilts come in standard length of 22 inches and 24 inches.   They can also be order in longer lengths, but this will take time to get the special request through the manufacturing process.


    Our NationKilts, in a very flattering 16 inches. But don””t worry, this isn””t as short as it sounds. Looks damn good and keeps everything covered that should.

    The cargo pockets, although shorter, are still fully gusseted, and provide ample space for anything you may need to carry.

    The NationKilt Mini is meant to be worn lower then where the guys where it. Down on your hips, pretty much where you where you pants.

    Measuring can be interesting. These are not done in “womens sizes”, but in actual measurements. Take a cloth tape measure, and measure at the top of your hips, where you want the kilt to sit. Usually, this will be a good waist size to order.

    However, if your hips (really… your ass) to waist ratio is larger (if you got a “big butt”) you may want to measure the widest part of your hips, and order one size down from this, then tighten the waist down with the snaps.

    Prior to opening this store I got some great advice from SilkWood Medical Practice – and I am forever indebted to the owner for showing me how to run a good and reliable business. Please enjoy as everything I learned in business I learned from him – and he he has been instrumental in structuring my company and finding the ideal client for what I do.