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    Is the Scottish accent still considered sexy for women?

    In the United Kingdom, there are 56 recognised accents in total. A few are believed to be sexier than others.

    In particular, it is the Scottish accents that are believed to be sexy at all places in the world. This is apart from the highly regionalized accents, which are difficult from people from outside Scotland to understand.

    The Glaswegian accent is believed to be the sexiest accent in all of Scotland. Similarly, Edinburgh, Highlands and Hebridean accents are believed to be very sexy.

    When people think of the Glaswegian accents, they realize that it is all about rich sounds and harsh vowels. Edinburgh accent is more like a posh and restrained accent used by the people of Edinburgh. Leith slangs also comprise of Edinburgh accent, and are considered to be very sexy.

    One can find number accents in Edinburgh. Every one of them is very attractive.

    Highland accent has a melodic lilt. One finds it around Caithness. It can be heard in the Black Isle as well. In the same way, the Hebridean accent comprises of beautiful and lilting sounds. In and around the Outer Hebrides, the sounds are more Irish than Scottish. Still, the accent is different from either of the two accents.

    Scots characteristically have a different way of speaking to outsiders. Their dialect won’t come unaltered. Instead, the sound will be Scottish English.

    Scottish accents are sexy. Those from other parts of UK are flintiest. Irish accents are very attractive as well. This is because the land is very spectacular. It makes one want to be a farmer or a pirate.

    Among Scottish accents, the Dundonian accent is very romantic. But it is also very difficult to understand.

    Doric accent is spoken in Aberdeen and Peterhead area. Their way of speaking is reminiscent of singing.

    There is a reason which makes Scottish accents uniquely charming. If the individual is educated, his language would have rolling ‘r’s. Vowels are well rounded sounds spoken in a deeper pitch. The overall sound is very relaxed and sounds pleasing to the ears. Even while Scottish accents are not charming, they are definitely exciting.

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