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    Is the Scottish accent still considered sexy for women?

    In the United Kingdom, there are 56 recognised accents in total. A few are believed to be sexier than others.

    In particular, it is the Scottish accents that are believed to be sexy at all places in the world. This is apart from the highly regionalized accents, which are difficult from people from outside Scotland to understand.

    The Glaswegian accent is believed to be the sexiest accent in all of Scotland. Similarly, Edinburgh, Highlands and Hebridean accents are believed to be very sexy.

    When people think of the Glaswegian accents, they realize that it is all about rich sounds and harsh vowels. Edinburgh accent is more like a posh and restrained accent used by the people of Edinburgh. Leith slangs also comprise of Edinburgh accent, and are considered to be very sexy.

    One can find number accents in Edinburgh. Every one of them is very attractive.

    Highland accent has a melodic lilt. One finds it around Caithness. It can be heard in the Black Isle as well. In the same way, the Hebridean accent comprises of beautiful and lilting sounds. In and around the Outer Hebrides, the sounds are more Irish than Scottish. Still, the accent is different from either of the two accents.

    Scots characteristically have a different way of speaking to outsiders. Their dialect won’t come unaltered. Instead, the sound will be Scottish English.

    Scottish accents are sexy. Those from other parts of UK are flintiest. Irish accents are very attractive as well. This is because the land is very spectacular. It makes one want to be a farmer or a pirate.

    Among Scottish accents, the Dundonian accent is very romantic. But it is also very difficult to understand.

    Doric accent is spoken in Aberdeen and Peterhead area. Their way of speaking is reminiscent of singing.

    There is a reason which makes Scottish accents uniquely charming. If the individual is educated, his language would have rolling ‘r’s. Vowels are well rounded sounds spoken in a deeper pitch. The overall sound is very relaxed and sounds pleasing to the ears. Even while Scottish accents are not charming, they are definitely exciting.

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    Was Sean Connery a Good Representation of Irish Culture and Kilts

    Sean Connery gained fame as James Bond – for many movies he was everywhere – and of course he kept up a big movie careeer even after that was over. He was one of the big prominent spreaders of Irish culture in the mainstream. So what does he represent for Irish culture.

    The first thing is he is very straight to the point – us Irish people are like that – and he made being Irish sexy. In fact he was one of the first that made women swoon over his rustic Irish accent. The ladies really did love it.

    But more so he also brought another part of Ireland. He was never known as a heavy drinker – however he did speak about women and physical assault. In the now infamous interview with Barbara Walters he talked about the need to hit a woman at certain times.

    This was met with much outrage but also – ironically – much public support – including in parts of YouTube. For example if you see the YouTube video below – and read the comments – you’ll see many people support Sean Connery – and even women!

    Of course – in the interests of being politically correct we are not here to say that women deserve to be hit – rather we are only here to talk about Sean Connery and what he represents.

    We are looking forward to his movies – all though these days he has quietened down and kept out of the Hollywood scene – which is a shame because we miss his Irish demeanour. His greatest movie – in my opinion – is ‘The Untouchables‘. One of the great crime films – Sean Connery played a detective – a beat cop that was taken in to the hunt for Al Capone purely for the reason that there is no way he would be corrupted.

    The film flowed well – and showed just one of the great cinematic moments on the big screen.

    We hope to bring you more character portraits of Irish men – and before I leave you let’s not forget his kilt wearing – Sean Connery carried his Irish tradition with pride. Who can forget that photo.

    Next up we will list other actors who have contributed to the kilt – and remember – it’s not just about being Irish – it’s about wearing it with pride!

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    New Product: Digital Camo Cargo NationKilt and Digital Camo Mini NationKilt

    The Cargo NationKilt has fully gusseted pockets that are both sewn and riveted to the kilt.  They are big and strong enough to hold two or more bottles of bee…rrr… beverage of your choice.

    This Digital Camo kilt is made from rip-stop fabric.  It is lighter, hold’s pleats well, and looks great.

    NationKilts are worn a little higher than your pants.  But where it finally sits will be dependent on each individuals preference.  It is designed to be worn at the level of your belly-button.  However, if you are man of girth…. then perhaps it will be more comfortable a little lower.  Keep this in mind when measuring for length.

    These kilts come in standard length of 22 inches and 24 inches.   They can also be order in longer lengths, but this will take time to get the special request through the manufacturing process.


    Our NationKilts, in a very flattering 16 inches. But don””t worry, this isn””t as short as it sounds. Looks damn good and keeps everything covered that should.

    The cargo pockets, although shorter, are still fully gusseted, and provide ample space for anything you may need to carry.

    The NationKilt Mini is meant to be worn lower then where the guys where it. Down on your hips, pretty much where you where you pants.

    Measuring can be interesting. These are not done in “womens sizes”, but in actual measurements. Take a cloth tape measure, and measure at the top of your hips, where you want the kilt to sit. Usually, this will be a good waist size to order.

    However, if your hips (really… your ass) to waist ratio is larger (if you got a “big butt”) you may want to measure the widest part of your hips, and order one size down from this, then tighten the waist down with the snaps.

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